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  • Copy Trading: How Does It Work?

    How does copy trading work? Let's see together what it is and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the new fashion of online trading.


    What is it? What are its characteristics? Why is it becoming more and more popular? If these are the questions you are asking yourself, here you will find an answer. You could also find the best copy traders available by visiting acorn2oak who will suggest the most suitable ones for you.


    Copy trading is a new trend and a good growth opportunity for traders who are present for the first time on the market Forex or online investment world.

    Thanks to this system, newbies can in fact know the best investment opportunities and the currencies with the highest returns by learning from the best traders in the world.


    There are not many platforms that offer the possibility of trading through mirror trading but being a trend that is constantly increasing in the coming months, many other brokers, in addition to those who already have the service available, could offer this new possibility.

    Since the world of online trading is always growing and inexperienced traders approaching this new world are more and more, brokers also adapt.


    It is in fact a way to learn how to invest in the world of Forex and binary options learning from the best or rather applying their strategies. The beauty of this way of trading in fact is that you can see the stocks and currencies on which the most experienced are trading and try to replicate their investment strategies.

    But be careful this way of operating on the markets brings with it advantages and disadvantages. In fact, not always following what others are doing and replicating it will bring you advantages, since you will also replicate the losses.


    Let 's see together what it is, what are the advantages it offers to new traders and which platforms offer this possibility. We also find out what are the risks for those who operate in this mode.


    Copy trading is a real revolution in the world of online trading since it has led the trading platforms to become similar to a social network.

    With this method, traders can get in touch, learn about the strategies adopted and above all try to propose the moves of the best investors.


    Some platforms, which we will see in detail in the next paragraphs, in fact make a sort of social network available to their users, in which traders can chat and discuss.


    The social trading is becoming increasingly popular and more and more traders who come and discover the features.

    It will therefore be possible to carry out normal trading functions on your own, or to repeat those of others.

  • Once the Copy trading function is activated, the two traders will automatically have the same identical positions and the broker will automatically replicate all the moves of the trader who has decided to follow.


    In this way you can open and close the same positions at the same time and also have the same earnings.

    The less experienced trader will therefore be able to approach the world of online trading and make the first operations completely free of charge.


    In the same way that the gains will be replicated, the same will be done with the losses. The modality in fact reproduces all the moves and does not distinguish between profitable actions or not.

    So be very careful who you follow and do not move in a risky way. In fact, real money is used in mirror trading.

    Now let's see what are the brokers that offer the possibility to use copy trading and to replicate the strategies of the best investors in the world.

    The main advantage is undoubtedly for inexperienced traders, who can start investing without being alone. You can in fact hope to have some gains with this function, if you can obviously identify the trader who is making the right moves.

    The novice trader can then combine the study of the practice sessions, which will take place with virtual money of the demo of the best brokers and even with a small investment trading via copy.


    However, we must not fall into the trap of thinking that we can exploit this "copy and paste" forever and think that we can earn by exploiting the experience of others.

    This is the typical mentality that will bring big problems to the trader in question, since he will not learn anything.


    This method must be used carefully and above all must be combined to make a serious study of the subject, so as to become experts and then try to get one day the same results as the guru copied.

    Another advantage it offers is in fact that of being able to learn from the most experienced traders, ask them questions and discover their strategies.


    Even the most experienced traders, however, mirror trading is advantageous, since the broker will give a percentage to those who share their strategies. The more experienced investors who decide to participate in the program as a copy trader will in fact have a figure X of the total capital invested by the trader fan.


    This is an opportunity, especially the novice trader should take advantage, though, making sure the investor to decide where to mirror the moves.

    In fact, be very careful not to follow the crowd, but carefully analyse the person to whom you are entrusting yourself and analyse his history.

    In this way, in fact, you will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises and try to follow what is a true expert in the sector, from which you may even learn some tricks.

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